Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why am I going to a homeschooling convention?

This is the question I've been asking myself all day long.    I've been down this road a dozen times before.
I spend the morning in a mad rush digging through the piles of used curriculum for sale,  making neat piles of those things I might want to add to our plans along the way.   Then, I spend the afternoon trolling through the vendor tables, paging through their offerings as I weigh and measure some more.

In the early years, I suffered from the "Field of Dreams" syndrome:  "if I buy it, they will learn."  Very little of what I bought actually fit into our active learning back then.  Usually,  it graced the shelves for a few years until I took it back to be resold.   Or, when my now graduated son, (dare I call him Chanticleer?) , the avid reader of classics completed a course,  I quickly relegated it to the sale pile knowing that HoneyGirl's learning style would never embrace the same.

But I am years from purchasing much traditional curriculum.  Many of her core classes are taken at our co-op.  I might be able to pick up a few resources on the subjects she will be doing at home (civics, chemistry, literature study), but we have evolved into such active learners that we basically can get along with just a library card and the internet.  

The best truth I can find is I am going to enjoy the experience the last time as I nostalgically watch my dear friend Amanda, a dynamo new homeschooler and mom of five, dig through the piles for her gang. I'm going to carry her bags.   And maybe , for those boston creme donuts they always sell.       

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